Guild House Farm

Maelee taste testGreener Partners’ Guild House Farm is located at Guild House West, an apartment building for low-income seniors at 1221 Fairmount Avenue in North Philadelphia. The half acre site includes a production garden, high tunnel, orchard, and community garden for residents to grow food for themselves. Participants in our programs learn first hand where their food comes from, how it’s grown, and how they can take an active role in the local food system. The vast majority of food grown at Guild House Farm is donated to the residents of Guild House West. The remainder is used in educational programs at schools throughout Philadelphia, donated to community food pantries, sold at area Farmers’ Markets, or sold to restaurants and grocery stores.

The goal of Guild House Farm is to provide healthy food access to its immediate community and to provide engaging, hands-on intergenerational gardening and food education. Guild House Farm is also a job-training site for older teens with the SOL Food project. These teens facilitate after-school programs for younger children, support senior gardeners, and help manage the production garden. They learn important leadership and business management skills that prepare them to become leaders in the workplace.

We are proud that Greener Partners is part of the Get HYPE Philly Collective, funded by GlaxoSmithKline.  Many Guild House programs are funded through this initiative.  For more information, visit Get HYPE Philly.

Key PartnersIMG_20150824_115425610_HDR

IMG_20150827_095537055Impact 2015

  • Total pounds of produce harvested: 4,262.66 lbs
  • Pounds of produce that were donated or used in educational programs: 3735.7 lbs
  • Pounds of produce that were sold: 526.96 lbs
  • Hours of youth programming at the farm: 452
  • Hours of senior programming at the farm: 49.5
  • Number of unique visitors to the farm: 239
  • Number of farm tours: 26
  • Hosted off-site programs at Girard College & Lowell Elementary School

Impact 2016

  • Total pounds of produce harvested: 5312 lbs
  • Hours of youth programming: 222.5
  • Hours of senior programming: 59
  • Number of unique visitors to the farm: 397
  • Number of farm tours: 35
  • Off-farm programs at: Girard College, Lowell Elementary School, KIPP Middle School, Lindley Apartments, Masterman Middle School
  • Nearly doubled WorkReady SOL Food participants who particpated in a farmers’ market


Where to Find Guild House Farm Produce

Although most of our produce is donated to the seniors at Guild House West, we occasionally sell produce to the following establishments:

Field Trips

Guild House Farm hosts field trips for school and community groups throughout the growing season. Please contact Nicole Sugerman 203-858-1875 or complete the following form.