A joint initiative between Lankenau Medical Center and Greener Partners, the Deaver Wellness Farm offers school-aged youth and adults a unique hands-on farm to table education. This living outdoor classroom connects learners to the source of healthy food, promotes healthy eating, and investigates the science behind agriculture. All programs meet PA State standards.

Sowing the seeds of good health

We recognize the connection between nutrition and wellness. In collaboration with Greener Partners, Lankenau is one of only a few hospitals nationwide to take the progressive step of planting and maintaining a year-round organic farm on-site. Our goal is to harness the power of locally grown food to strengthen our community’s health.

  • The farm includes flower, herb and vegetable production gardens, a composting area, greenhouse and pavilion.
  • Investigating plants growing on the farm, highlighting the plant life cycle, plant parts and their contribution to plant growth, and pollination.
  • Learning about composting and soil science. 
  • Each lesson at the Deaver Wellness Farm includes the harvest and preparation of a salad or healthy snack. All recipes are tree-nut and peanut free. Please discuss any other dietary restrictions at least one week before arrival.

Programs available:

75 – 90 minutes
Use the five senses to build observation skills and explore both plants and wildlife at the farm. Discover edible plant parts and learn why eating plants is part of a healthy diet.

PA: 3.1.A; 3.2.B; AL 4.4; 10.1.H; 10.2.C

90 minutes
Explore the hidden side of plants! Students examine different kinds of seeds and roots, and begin to explore the relationship between seeds, soil, and the plants we eat.

PA: 3.1.A; 3.2.B; 3.3.A; 10.2.C

90 minutes
Step into the shoes of a farmer, learn about seasonality and the climate of PA. Make connections between what we see on supermarket shelves and what is ready for harvest in our area.

PA: 3.2.B; 3.3.A; 3.4.D; 4.4.B; 3.3.5.B1

90 minutes
Don’t call it dirt! Many organisms and decomposers are part of a soil food web, and soil affects all life on earth. Students explore the farm and discover the world of soils and compost.

PA: 3.3.3.A1; 4.1.3.D; 4.1.5.A; 4.1.8.B

90 minutes
Learn about different methods of pollination, and observe pollinating insects at the farm. Discover the importance of pollination in agriculture and in nature.

PA: 4.1.A; 4.4.5.A; 10.1.H; 10.1.I

90 minutes
Students will discuss food access, food miles, and food systems. We will tour the farm, plant seeds or seedlings, and discuss the health benefits and environmental impacts of different food choices.
PA: 4.4.8.A; 6.4.8.D; 6.2.7.A

Deaver Wellness Farm visits are scheduled through the Health Education Center at Lankenau Medical Center.

Call 484-476-3434 or email LHHealthEdCenter@mlhs.org