Farm Explorer™

Greener Partners’ FARM EXPLORER™ is a living, hands-on mobile farm program that lets youth and families dig in and connect with food from seed to plate.

Our two FARM EXPLORER™ trucks are equipped with garden beds, a mobile kitchen and blender bikes. The FARM EXPLORER ™ program addresses the increasing disconnection between people and the source of their food. With high-calorie, processed foods so prevalent and familiarity with fresh, seasonal eating so low, rates of obesity have skyrocketed. Low-income populations are at particularly high risk for food-related diseases, due to the lack of access to healthy foods. These challenges have inspired a national movement to encourage healthier eating through increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

FARM EXPLORER ™ inspires people to eat more fresh food and provides tools for healthier eating. FARM EXPLORER™ is based on supporting research that curriculum combining gardening and nutrition improves student attitudes towards and preferences for fruits and vegetables. Research also shows that eating fruits and vegetables is associated with a lifelong healthy weight. From schoolyards to senior centers, our FARM EXPLORER ™ travels directly to communities, bringing fun, hands-on curriculum about gardening and ecology, seasonal eating, and how to prepare simple, healthy recipes.