park curiosity in science and eating healthfully with the FARM EXPLORER, a mobile farm program that features hands-on lessons about plants, local agriculture, seasonal eating, and nutrition. Our farmer-educators bring a seed-to-plate experience to any school or community site — in a farm on wheels. It’s fun, educational and convenient.

  • The FARM EXPLORER truck is full of fresh growing vegetables, primed for experiential science lessons, harvesting, cooking and tasting.
  • All lessons are linked to state standards for biology, ecology and health.
  • All programs can be matched to grade or developmental level, K-12.
  • A FARM EXPLORER program fits into a 45-60 minute class period.
  • Each visit gives students one additional serving of vegetables or fruits that day.
  • Greener Partners educators have biology or environmental science degrees, are experienced farmers & cooks and are specially trained for the program.
  • The full seasonal cycle connects young people to the source of food and the amazing science behind it.

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