Our Team

Meg MacCurtin

Executive Director

As Greener Partners’ Executive Director, Meg has been vital to guiding our growth from a single school garden project at Girard College to programs in over 100 schools that impact upwards of 10,000 youth annually.

Helen Nadel

Education Director

A lifelong cook, Helen’s search for fresh food sparked her passion for farms, farmer’s markets and CSAs. Helen has a Masters in Education, coursework towards an MS in Holistic Nutrition and over 20 years of experience in non-profit education programs and food education.

Amy Johnson

Agriculture Director

With more than 15 years experience in organic agriculture, Amy’s passion for farming began in college when she took a food crops class and instantly fell in love with the idea of growing food.

Jennifer Malkoun

Deaver Wellness Farm Manager

Jennifer first joined Greener Partners at Hillside Farm near Media. She’s reconnected with us as the lead farmer and educator at Lankenau Medical Center’s groundbreaking Wellness Farm.

Jonathan Hamm

Farm Explorer Educator

Since his time in the Peace Corps, Jon has led workshops on plants, herbs, soils, nutrition, and farm ecosystems. He helped to launch the Farm Explorer’s mobile program in 2013 and seeks to engage students in all stages of the food cycle.

Jenny Dunker

Farm Explorer Educator

Jenny‘s 6 years of organic farming developed her passion for sharing healthy and delicious food with students and their communities. She loves fanning sparks of excitement around growing and eating great food. Email Jenny.

Deirdre Sheehy

Assistant Farmer & Educator

Deirdre is the assistant farmer and educator at the Deaver Wellness Farm. Her background in urban farming and hands-on nutrition education have led her to Greener Partners to share her excitement for growing, preparing, and increasing access to fresh food.