Our Impact

Since 2009

Fresh Food Access120,000 pounds of product distributed
Urban Farming48 hospitals, school, and community gardens supported
Education80,550 Farm Explorer program participants

School-based program outcomes:

Greener Partners’ research shows that when students have access to fresh produce, plus cooking and gardening education, they eat more vegetables: 

Kids who participate in Farm Explorer programs show a 24% increased willingness to eat fruits and vegetables.

“We learned about eating healthy and that vegetables can actually taste really good.” 5th grader at Ziegler Elementary in Philadelphia

“Your food demonstrations have been life changing for my daughter. She always refused to try most foods, and now she is trying everything you can imagine” Parent of a Farm Explorer participant

Hospital-based program outcomes:

Hospitals create a culture of health through our on-site farms and gardens:

At Lankenau’s Deaver Wellness Farm, our farmers have provided over 14,000 pounds of fresh produce to 3,000 food insecure patients, linking fresh food and good health.

“I’ve never seen such excitement over fresh food! Greener Partners is instrumental in helping us achieve our community health goals.” Chinwe Onyekere, Senior Administrator, Lankenau Medical Center

Community-based program outcomes:

When Norristown residents have access to fresh food, plus cooking and gardening education, they eat more produce: 

There was a 20% increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables after 5 months of our Norristown Healthy Food Project (NHFP)

Norristown Families want Support

  • 68% experience food insecurity but want healthy food
  • 85% said our recipe samples and education improved their kitchen confidence
  • 92% said they would join in our program again

“With the health issues I had, I noticed when I started eating vegetables, they started disappearing.”
Donna, Norristown program participant