The FARM EXPLORER is a mobile farm and food adventure that brings science and healthy eating to life and sparks curiosity about plants and the food we eat. The FARM EXPLORER truck is full of fresh growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs, primed for experiential science lessons, harvesting, cooking and tasting. Each visit features interactive learning experiences with plants, local agriculture, seasonal eating, and nutrition. Our farmer-educators bring a seed-to-plate experience to any school or community site year-round — in a farm on wheels. The full seasonal cycle connects young people to the source of food and the amazing science behind it.

The FARM EXPLORER creates an important link between the food we eat and how it grows. Our programming forges the ties between healthy environments, healthy plants, healthy food, and healthy bodies. It’s fun, educational, and accessible.

We meet communities where they are and work with schools and neighborhoods to design programming year-round:

  • Farm Explorer Truck programs
  • In classroom hands-on lessons
  • School and community garden implementation
  • Free produce distribution and cooking workshops

Youth-Based Farm Field Trips at Deaver Wellness Farm (kindergarten through high school)

Through experiential learning in our half-acre living outdoor classroom, youth draw connections between humans and the environment to build a holistic understanding of health. Our Farm Educators engage groups in shared learning to explore, discover and connect with the diversity of a farm ecosystem – from seeds and plant parts, soils and compost, and pollinators and pests, to tracing the parts of our complex food system, deconstructing the food on our plates, and tasting nutrient dense recipes with freshly harvested ingredients.