Healthcare Partnerships

Our staff of skilled farmers, educators, and cooks have built an integrated strategic approach that meets the needs of each unique healthcare setting.

On-Site Hospital Farm

Serves as a production, education, and wellness site for the hospital community. Skilled farmers ensure optimal conditions for a successful operation, including robust year-round harvests and regenerative agriculture practices. Food grown on site can be provided to food insecure patients, community members, employees, or the cafeteria. Raised garden beds are a great option for some sites.

Food as Medicine Education for Patients

Provides food education, demos, and distribution of produce in clinical settings. Our seed to plate approach communicates excitement about how food is grown and enthusiasm about how to prepare fruits and vegetables. Our curriculum, developed by M.Eds and RDs, communicates health information in hands-on and accessible ways, and connects people to flavorful, freshly harvested, healthy food.

Professional Development and Wellness Education

offers hands- on training for medical professionals and students on a farm or urban garden. We connect providers to the source of their food, teach how healthy plants create nutrient dense produce, and offer a new lens to share nutrition information with patients. This deeper relationship to food and holistic approach to patient care also provides medical staff at all levels with critical wellness experiences for themselves.

Farm Explorer Mobile Farm Truck

Brings a farm experience directly to a hospital or health care setting. Perfect for public events such as health fairs, the Farm Explorer truck’s raised beds highlight seasonal produce and offer a unique educational experience. With the truck’s outdoor kitchen, we prepare simple, plant-forward recipes. 

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