Mission, Vision, and Values


Greener Partners’ mission is to strengthen community health through urban farming, equitable fresh food access, and discovery-based learning.


Greener Partners envisions a world with healthy and equitable communities, where nourishing fresh food is accessible to all.


Nourishing Food 

We believe everyone has a right to healthy, affordable, and sustainably grown food.

Discovery-based Learning 

We believe in discovery-based learning that inspires personal connections to growing, preparing, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.


We believe in regenerative, just, and community-led farming practices that support the health of the planet and the health of all people.


We believe partnerships are essential to bringing about the greatest good and that reciprocal learning is at the heart of all true collaboration.


We believe in having a good sense of humor and bringing joy and passion to our work.


We believe in working side by side with marginalized people and supporting leaders from within communities to create sustained transformation.


We believe in honoring people’s history and culture around food and creating positive eating environments where all food choices and decisions are respected.