GP Teen Interns are Making Changes… and so are we!

Greener Partners' Teen Leadership Program welcomed 4 teen interns this summer: Haron, Maya, Justin, and Heaven.  They are learning practical gardening and cooking skills, and exploring topics including nutrition, food cultures, and food justice. Our farmer-educators have worked to adapt this program to follow COVID-19 safety protocols in the Belmont neighborhood of West... [read more]

Food is Medicine at Deaver Wellness Farm

First year Lankenau Medical Center Resident, Sanika Udyaver, harvests Swiss chard and builds skills in speaking with patients about nutritious food in ways that have a lasting impact. Doctors are increasingly acknowledging that the food we eat can play a role in keeping us healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. But many patients... [read more]

BLM Statement

Dear friends and supporters, As recent events have unfolded, Greener Partners is once again reckoning with the impact of racism in our country.  We have found hope in the level of mobilization in our city, country, and around the world, from people protesting in the... [read more]

Want to grow your own food but need a little help getting started?

COVID-19 has affected all of our lives, especially when it comes to what and how to eat. There has been a national resurgence in home gardening, as it is both practical and therapeutic, and gives us the chance to provide for ourselves and our families.  Greener... [read more]

Seed Science with Farmer-Educator Jenny Seed Science! Join us in a simple seed science activity. We’re dissecting a seed to look ? at it’s parts! Once you soak your lime bean seeds in water overnight, you can open them up to see the seed coat, cotyledon (seed food!), and embryo (plant... [read more]

The Benefits of Chickweed Farmer Jon talks about the many benefits of the common weed, chickweed, and how to make a healthy spring chickweed tea or tonic!Follow @GreenerPartners on Instagram and Facebook for more farming lessons! [read more]

Spring Gardening in Containers Helen, Greener Partners' Education and Partnerships Director, takes us through the steps of setting up a container garden for the spring! Follow @GreenerPartners for more helpful home gardening tips! [read more]

Greener Partners’ Response to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, Greener Partners is limiting its in-person education programming for 2020. Our Farm Explorer Truck will not be visiting schools, community sites or public events. We will not be leading field trips. We are providing robust options for virtual education programs, both live and... [read more]

Greener Partners Earns GSK Impact Award for Making a Dynamic Impact on ...

On November 15, Greener Partners was one of 10 Greater Philadelphia-area non-profits to receive a GSK IMPACT Award in a ceremony at GSK’s Navy Yard site. All 10 nonprofits were awarded $40,000 each in recognition of their outstanding contributions to building a healthier Philadelphia region.... [read more]