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Strengthening Community Health through Food, Farms, and Education

Deaver Farm Explorers! Lesson 2: Parts of a Plant

Deaver Farm Explorers! Lesson 2: Parts of a Plant

Virtual Learning Hub

With schools closed, we are bringing farm field trips right to students! Interactive and fun, our 8-week online series can be experienced cumulatively or as a single episode. Each lesson...

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Food is Medicine

Greener Partners is at the forefront of the Food is Medicine movement. Through our Farm-to-Hospital collaboration with Lankenau Medical Center we grow fresh food on site that is delivered to patients in need and used for pop-up nutritional lessons in waiting rooms. We also partner with Einstein Medical Center in Norristown on a rooftop garden and cooking demos in waiting rooms.

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Fresh Food Access


pounds of product distributed

Urban Farming


hospitals, school, and community gardens supported



Farm Explorer program participants


Want to grow your own food but need a little help getting started?

COVID-19 has affected all of our lives, especially when it comes to what and how to eat. There has been a national resurgence in home gardening, as it is both practical and therapeutic, and gives us the chance to provide for ourselves and our families.  Greener... [read more]

Seed Science with Farmer-Educator Jenny Seed Science! Join us in a simple seed science activity. We’re dissecting a seed to look ? at it’s parts! Once you soak your lime bean seeds in water overnight, you can open them up to see the seed coat, cotyledon (seed food!), and embryo (plant... [read more]

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Mission Partners

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