Longview Farm Market

Every Saturday from 9am – 1pm!

  • Farmers’ Market with local farmers and producers
  • Local farm veggies and fruits grown organically from Longview
  • Baked good from Green Lion Bakery
  • Local, sustainable meats from Deep Roots Valley
  • Eggs from Deep Roots Valley
  • Honey and other products from Truly Pure and Natural
  • On second Saturdays, visits from local artisans and businesses, live music, pizza cook-outs, and more!

Why isn’t the market open more days? After many attempts at running a full-time market stocked with inventory, Greener Partners has concluded that the Longview Farm Market (formerly Willow Creek Orchards market) cannot be a sustainable full-time market. As a non-profit, with food access, healthy eating education and supporting the local food economy as our mission, Greener Partners has decided the most sustainable way to support local farmers and producers as well as the community seeking local food is with a once-per-week farmers’ market. We hope you’ll enjoy it!