Sponsor Profile: Card Connect

It’s a quiet Tuesday afternoon at CardConnect, a payment processing and technology services company based in King of Prussia. Suddenly, the heavy glass office doors swing open and farmers from Greener Partners carry bins overflowing with fresh organic vegetables harvested that day at Longview Farm.

Within minutes, employees start trickling out of their offices and a line forms as the vegetables are set up farmers’ market-style in the common area. With reusable bags in hand, employees help themselves to the fresh vegetables of their choice.

Through Farm Fresh to Office, Greener Partners’ workplace CSA, CardConnect purchases weekly deliveries of the freshest local vegetables from Longview Farm for its employees. Employees receive weekly newsletters with recipes, preparation and storage information and invitations to special events at Longview Farm.

By participating in Farm Fresh to Office, CardConnect is on the leading edge of employee wellness:

  • For every $1 spent on wellness programs, employers save an average of $3.27 in medical costs.
  • In addition to helping reduce costs, studies show employers’ investments in workplace CSAs also result in increased employee productivity, loyalty and retention.
  • CardConnect is supporting local farmers and the local economy.
  • Finally, CardConnect is giving back by helping to fund Greener Partners’ critical food access and education programs for thousands of at-risk children and families in the Philadelphia region.

Greener Partners is still accepting applications for the 2016 Farm Fresh to office program. For more information, visit this page or contact Lisa Liddington at 610.584.6580 x705.










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